Honda Future 125cc

    Honda Future 125cc

  • Type Semi-automatic
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Daily rental rate (traveling) 9 USD
  • Daily rental rate (around city) 5 USD
  • Price for sale From 520 USD
  • Price 0 VND
  • Quantity

A simple and effective semi-automatic bike seen all over SE Asia-- the Honda Future can get you anywhere you please.  More than enough power for highway cruising and mountain climbs-- riding a Honda Future through Vietnam is a joyous and "no surprise" adventure. This bike also sports side luggage racks and a great seat for long journeys

This an extremely reliable four-stroke semi automatic and is an easy choice for all riders gồm Those who do not have much riding experience. Even more advanced riders to Quickly Dismiss the Future too. Some of ours are modified with saddlebag racks and taller front shocks to make it more comfortable on trips and for offroad riding dragon.
While you might be tempted to call the Future a 'scooter', do not be fooled! These bikes are surprisingly capable offroad choices. Power to weight ratio is strong, and Honda quality mean backroad These burners are bulletproof. Do not believe us? Just ask any English farmer flying up a muddy, rutted hill with 150kg of rice strapped to the back.

Fred DeVeaux (29/9/2015)
DT: 01216898808 | Email:
Hello, I'm looking to rent two semi-automatic bikes for the month of december. What are the monthly rates for the Honda Future and the Honda Wave? Do you have any other semi-automatic bikes for rent? Thanks
Daniel Cantillo (30/12/2016)
DT: 0936283192 | Email:
We are looking to rent the Honda Future 125cc today upon our arrival to Hanoi. We will need the scooter for 3 days starting today. Thank you (we should be arriving to Hanoi at 5pm)
Brett (16/1/2017)
DT: 01673931695 | Email:
How much would it cost to rent the Honda Future for a month?
Matt Brown (26/9/2017)
DT: +62081246717562 | Email:
Good morning, I am looking to rent a basic motorbike from Hanoi to ho chi min on 29th September for 3 weeks. How much would this cost and do you delivery or can I pick up in Hanoi? Thank you
Johan (8/5/2018)
DT: 0064225352930 | Email:
Did you do the three week trip from Hanoi to HCMC like you wrote? If yes i would be interested in how much you psid and how it worked as i want to do the exat same thing starting in a month.
vagner (11/3/2018)
DT: 420736282302 | Email:
Hello I am interested in renting a 3x HONDA FUTURE 125CC motorcycle From 16.03-28.03. 2018. What would be the price and whether it is possible to book these motorcycles. Thank you for the information. Yours sincerely, Vagner