Rental Service

Phung Motorbike Rental Process

1.) Reserve your bike through email/Facebook/phone call
2.) Come to our shop and test-drive the bike
3.) Throw down a signature, grab a helmet, and, cheers, it's yours!

If you'd like more information, please allow me to elaborate below...

Test Driving

We strongly recommend taking our bikes for a spin for the following two reasons:

- Checking the condition of the bike

We want you to be comfortable with the bike to your specific needs. After the test driving, for example, sometimes customers prefer a stronger front brake. No problem! We'll make any adjustments you need to feel comfortable with the bike. Secondly, the test-driving phase of renting is also meant for you to get a firm sense that we're trustworthy and our motorbikes aren't pieces of junk, glued together. Say “Hi” and have some strong Vietnamese tea with us!

- Familiarizing yourself with us and our Vietnamese traffic

For those who've never driven a motorbike, sometimes simply mounting the bike is a daunting task. Have no fear! Our staff speaks impeccable English and will give you whatever help you may need to conquer these Vietnamese roads. We'll make sure you can drive it safely before you drive the bike off into the sunset (or around the block to get some strong vietnamese coffee).

Even if you've been riding for years back home, and have baby pictures of the chopper you put together by hand in your wallet-- there are differences between European and Vietnamese motorcycles we'd like you to get to know before you take off. For example, no one (well, maybe India) has as difficult traffic as Hanoi during rush hour. Let us talk to you about this while you come in to test drive and get acquainted with the bike.

The Paper Work

It only takes about 5 minutes. You write down your personal information, such as your passport number/phone number, etc... and we make two copies of a motorbike rental contract. You keep one and we'll keep one.

Please note that we require a deposit for the motorbike. In the event of you totaling lose the bike-- we need assurance that you won't just walk away and leave Phung Motorbike like this : (

We try hard to accommodate customers in the most painless way possible-- including the form of deposit. We prefer for you to leave your passport (which we lock in a safe, so don't worry.) But if you can't, we can also accept other forms of deposit when necessary. Please message us directly if you'd like to know if a specific form of deposit is valid.

Reserving Motorbikes in Advance

If you'd like to reserve a motorbike or multiple motorbikes in advance, we require 1/3rd of the total cost of the rental total upfront. This ensures that we have adequate time to prepare the bikes for your future trip. For example, if your party needs side-racks on 5 bikes-- we'd like to do this in advance to make sure when you get here your bikes are ready and willing.