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Frequently Asked Questions

   We appreciate that if you’ve not ridden motorcycles in Vietnam before, you may be a little apprehensive about what to expect.  We have therefore added this section to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to put your mind at ease!

• Do I really need a guide?  Will it really make that much difference?
   Um.  Yes.  Yes it will.  To put it mildly.  Any seasoned traveler or Hanoi expat will tell you thatVietnam is frequently frustrating, and that having a local with you makes all the difference.  Without a guide you must exist in a state of continual consciousness overload, forced to think about every decision - not an optimal mental state for motorcycle travel.  Alone, you must navigate road directions, repair any breakdowns, and find accommodation, water, and food, all while futilely trying to avoid being charged triple price for all of these.  
   Instead, we recommend you focus on enjoying your ride and let the guide introduce you to local people, show you hidden trails, and open the doors to some of Vietnam’s best treasures.  Doors that remain closed to foreigners on their own.  Your guide is a 4-in-1 magician: translator, navigator, mechanic, and drinking partner.  Trust us, it’s more fun this way!

• Do I need an international driving license?
   An international driving license is recognized in Vietnam and is usually easy to get in your home country (ask AAA in the US).  It’s a good, ‘can’t hurt’ thing to have, but be sure to bring your home driving license as well.  Either way, you’ll have no worries since booking a trip with us means your guide is always on hand to deal with any paperwork questions.

• I’ve not done a motorcycle group ride before - will I hold everybody up?
   No, this is a tour, not a race - any group of riders will always contain different experience and skill levels.  We are quite used to this and you will never be asked to ride beyond your ability and comfort zone.  However, you owe it to yourself and the group to know your riding ability and to choose a tour whose route is compatible to your riding skills.
   In practice, most people reading this will be bikers who understand the rhythm of the road and the ease with which most groups find their natural pace.  If that’s not you, no worries!  We’ll take good care of you.  And don’t worry about making friends when you join an existing group.  A motorcycling day on the road invariably brings people together.

• I haven’t ridden bikes abroad before - how much experience do I need?

   While most of our customers are bikers, almost none have prior experience riding in Asia orVietnam.  So be confident!  If you have some riding experience then that’s enough.  Just talk to us to design the tour that’s right for you, and know that you’ll always be close in our rearview mirror when we’re on the road.
   If you have never been on a motorbike before, we’ll ask you to book a private tour and a training day (~3 hours) before we begin the tour.

• What documents do I need?
   Passport is self evident.  Home driving license and health insurance cards are wise.  It’s also good to photocopy the passport, credit card, and important documents to keep separately in your luggage.

• Do I need Travel Insurance?
   Health insurance is an extremely smart thing to have when traveling abroad.  Make sure your normal policy covers you in Vietnam or purchase cheap, short-term traveler’s insurance, but confirm explicitly that the policy covers activities like motorcycling.  
   Trip Cancellation insurance protects you if you’re unable to go on your holiday and will reimburse you for prepaid expenses such as airfares and tour reservations like ours.  Can be helpful in case of sudden illness or for those times that Icelandic volcanoes cancel global flights.

• Do any women go on your tours?
   Si Señora!  Absolument!  We’ve had so many great female riders over the years - sometimes with friends or partners, sometimes riding on their own.  We pride ourselves on making women feel comfortable on our tours, and our long experience in the travel industry makes this easy.  Whether they’re with people they already know or are joining a group, we welcome all women bikers.  We are also happy to provide some short rider training sessions at the start of any tour.

• How many people are in a tour?
   The average is about 4 to 6 riders per group.  But there have been tours with more than 10 riders coming together to share the joy.  And we’ve also done long tours (14-16 days) with just one intrepid customer.

• What’s the average age of riders on a tour?
   Our tours are open to everyone, but our customers are generally more interested in touring rather than racing.  That’s not to say we don’t enjoy ourselves when conditions allow…
  Believe it or not, but the oldest rider we’ve had was a lean and mean 74 years old!  And the youngest?  Six years old! (pillion of course…)

• Do you accept children on tours?
   Yes, we have experience with families wanting to share the memory of a tour together.  In such cases we normally use a support van for non-riders, or for when your children feel tired in between sessions on the passenger’s seat.

• How far do we ride each day?
   Routes average ~200km per day depending on the tour and weather conditions.  Given the quality of Vietnam roads, that’s typically more than enough to merit a beer and an evening massage.

• How much money should I bring?
   With 2Wheels Vietnam, the tour cost includes almost everything, so you’ll need only a little cash along the way for extra drinks and shopping.  ATMs are easily found along the way.

• How fast do you ride during your tours?
 We are riding not racing.  Speed limits in Vietnam average ~40-80km/hr. and the tour leader knows best how to set the pace for different road types.

• Have you ever had any serious accidents?
   We have some customer accidents, typically because of concentration lost while enjoying the view, resulting in scrapes and bruises only.  
   We have never had a serious life or limb-threatening incident in our history of offering exciting and safe tours.

• Do you ride every day on a tour?
   No, not necessarily.  Especially during the longer tours we try to include some days off to rest the weary ass and to really discover the places where we stop.

• How do I book a tour?
   We suggest you contact us to talk about your desired destinations and length of tour.  You can reserve a place in one of our posted Join In group tours, or reserve a date for a new or private tour.  We will hold such requested dates for you for 1 week.  Your tour reservation date is only confirmed after we receive your deposit.