Ngày đăng: 19/7/2017 .
"The Journey is Destination"

We believe motorcycle touring should be a flexible and enjoyable way to see the best Vietnam can offer, and our riding style riding style reflects this. We always have a plan, and take you only to places we’ve been to many times, but we also allow time for serendipity and chance discovery on the road. In Vietnam it’s sometimes best to lean back and a let patience and a ‘no worries’ perspective take hold. You can find yourself invited into the countryside homes of some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Sharing tea and letting your guide translate the stories and thoughts of a local family is often the kind of memory that visitors to Vietnam’s countryside remember the most.
• Every trip has at least one tour Leader who always rides in front of the group.  With groups of 6 riders or more we typically have 2 tour leaders/mechanic. One rides in front and one is at the back of the group.  Groups of 6+ also have a support vehicle following the riders, and this car can carry non-rider family members - please contact us for details.

• As we are one group with the shared goal of a safe arrival at our destination, everyone is responsible for keeping an eye in the mirror to check on the rider behind you. This is especially true at road junctions and intersections where each rider often waits briefly for the next one before making the correct turn.

• A tour is not a race (except perhaps for certain rare and special moments on quiet countryside roads…)  So we don’t break the speed limit, especially on highways.

• We stop every hour or two for drinks and snacks, resting in the shade, taking photos, or chatting with locals.

• We typically start to ride around 8:30 or 9am when the morning mists have gone, we always stop for a great lunch before more riding, and the arrival of “beer o’clock” tends to be somewhere around 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon as we mentally survey the day’s miles traveled, scenery seen, and memories made.

• We always work to design an itinerary according to your wishes, and we are ready to accommodate those unexpected developments that may alter your plans at the last minute (travel delays, severe weather, changing road conditions, illness).  We are flexible and always willing to discuss making needed changes to your itinerary. For example, a challenging and extra technical offroad day can be tentatively scheduled. Those with newfound riding confidence can elect to try it, while those with illness or fatigue might opt for an easier route. No worries, we’ll make it work.
Tours can also easily be designed to include free days to give you unescorted time to completely relax on your own. Take a rest between riding days, go fishing in a mountain lake, or spend an extra day at our favorite homestay in the quiet back country of green hills, ricefields, and campfire smoke.
• The foods of Vietnam are a fantastic highlight for most visitors to our lovely country, and we’ll make sure you get to try an amazing array of the fresh and tasty cuisine available to us as we travel. Steaming noodles, chewy spicy ginger peanut treats, roast duck, minty spring rolls, and tropical fruits all await you, and a motorcycle is the perfect way to discover these roadside feasts. An unassuming concrete block oven next to a highway can reveal the freshest, best baguettes you’ve ever tried, and it’s this sort of culinary variety that makes Vietnam so great, and that we look forward to showing you. And, yes, we definitely know the best spots in Hanoi for truly aromatic, truly special Phở, a dish the Guardian ranked number 5 in the world’s top ‘must try’ foods.